For SEDCO Holding Group, CSR starts at home. Employee wellbeing is a central element of the company’s social responsibility, and 2014 saw several initiatives to promote health and productivity.


In 2014, SEDCO Holding was 11th in the Best Places to Work in Saudi Arabia, and was the number one family business in this regard. This is a result of its multiple employee programs.


As part of a healthy work-life approach, volunteering is being made a part of company culture, with employees donating some of their time to worthy causes and pro-bono work under the “Volunteer Your Skill” initiative. Other personnel development programs include the “Tawasul” program to foster interaction among the Group’s staff at various events, the “Injaaz” program to assess performance and build capacity, and an “Employee of the Month” program that recognizes outstanding achievement. The successful  “SEDCO Group Stars” program also rewards high achievers by identifying and fast tracking employees who have the potential to climb the career ladder rapidly.


Several initiatives were launched in 2014 under the “Be Healthy” umbrella, including the effective “Mezan AlKhair” weight loss program. The “Take the Stairs” campaign built exercise into the working day and highlighted the benefits of taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Employees were involved in regular football matches for the SEDCO Football Cup. A successful “Green Apple” initiative highlighted the benefits of a balanced diet by encouraging employees to snack on green apples throughout the day. Employees were given regular health tips as well as easy access to gym memberships to help them make health a priority.