Social Responsibility

CSR is part of SEDCO Holding Group’s six values and informs the company’s investment approach, functions and processes. 

The company’s CSR principles encompass three pillars of responsibility:

  • Environment
  • People
  • Community

SEDCO Holding CSR Vision

SEDCO Holding believes in human capital development. It heavily invests in empowering citizens and residents with knowledge required to achieve a prosperous life.

Towards sustainability

For SEDCO Holding Group, CSR is embedded in the company’s DNA and is part of its core values. Led by the Marketing function, CSR informs all the company’s operations and processes, and those of its operating companies. SEDCO Holding’s CSR commitments “Toward Sustainability” fall across the three key pillars of responsibility towards the environment, people, and community.


2014 saw CSR activities expand across all three streams  and also solidify the company’s investment strategies through ethical investment criteria. These efforts were supported by Group companies, and bolstered by the activities of the Salem Bin Mahfouz Foundation (SBMF) in serving the society. 


Ethical investing

As a socially responsible firm, SEDCO Holding Group is a market leader in ethical financial investments through our fully owned subsidiary SEDCO Capital. All the company’s investments and holdings are carefully considered for alignment with core values.


Since its foundation, SEDCO Holding has conducted itself  in compliance with Shariah principles. These principles of Shariah include modern ethical investment guidelines as a subset, and steer the company away from risky or unsustainable behavior. Investments are carefully considered based on labor law, manpower wellbeing and environmental footprint, as well as the industry sector they fall in.


SEDCO Holding’s ethical investment guidelines are resulting in it becoming a role model and center of excellence for operating companies to follow.