Salim bin Mahfouz Foundation


The Salim bin Mahfouz Foundation (SBMF) is a Bin Mahfouz family foundation, founded to empower communities in Saudi Arabia via institutional grants and partnership building, backed by excellent project management and sophisticated result measurement.


The Salem bin Mahfouz Foundation (SBMF) aims to be a leader in achieving sustainable development through institutional grants. Its stated mission is to “Empower targeted communities through sustainable, qualitative and institutional grants in a stimulating environment in accordance with the best international standards.” In 2013, the Foundation was officially licensed under license number 103 from the Ministry of Social Affairs, extending its effectiveness in carrying out development work.


SBMF delivers on its commitments in two ways:

Initiatives and Programs


The Foundation’s programs facilitate service delivery, human development and community uplift through diverse initiatives, educational programs, capacity building, social, developmental, awareness and aid programs. SBMF’s programs are linked to strategic targets and key indicators to help achieve the Foundation’s vision.




The Foundation builds strategic partnerships with  government bodies, donors, civil society institutions, beneficiaries, executing bodies, and the private sector  to deliver on its programs for the benefit of Saudi Arabian society. It also facilitates integration and co-operation  for excellence in institutional work.


SBMF’s institutional development work starts with a vision  of a better society but culminates in very specific initiatives and carefully selected projects. Resources are allocated to projects that will achieve targets. The Foundation focuses heavily on standardized procedures, developed internal structures of governance, and focused tools to measure  the impact of supported projects.


The Foundation concentrates on empowering non-profit organizations and emphasizes volunteerism. It wants greater integration between family members, and seeks to enhance the role of family in society. At the same time, it calls for greater cooperation, partnership and capacity building  in the nonprofit sector for effective project delivery.  Some of the Foundation’s recent successes include: