Our Innovative Solutions


In 1999, SEDCO, in a joint venture with Permal, launched the first-ever public equity Shariah-compliant multi-manager group of funds. The Alfanar Group of Funds consists of a family of mutual funds that are multi-managed and cover various geographies and sectors. The Alfanar Group has been one of the top-performing Islamic fund groups, and three of its funds have received AA ratings from Standard & Poor's.

  • SEDCO UBS Timber Fund

    In 2001, SEDCO and UBS Global Asset Management co-sponsored and launched the first Shariah-compliant Timber Fund, UBS-SEDCO Shariah-Compliant Timber Investors Limited.UBS Global Asset Management is the leader in global timberland investments. The fund invests in properties in the US Pacific Northwest, South, and Northeast, as well as in Argentina, Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Brazil and Uruguay, and manages investments on behalf of over 54 institutional clients. UBS manages over US$400 million in assets in the United States and over US$750 million in assets and commitments in South America, Australia and New Zealand. Since inception, the company has invested in over 450,000 hectares (1.1 million acres) of high-quality timberland.

  • DJIM Islamic Indices

    In 2000, SEDO cooperated with Dow Jones Indices to launch the first-ever Islamic indices, the Dow Jones Islamic Market Indices. The primary reason for this initiative was to have a true benchmark to compare performance of publicly listed equities in mutual funds and managed on a discretionary basis. Another objective for this innovative step was to contribute to the ongoing development and expansion of the Islamic investment industry.

  • Alfanar US Equity Hedge Fund

    The Alfanar US Equity Hedge Fund was set up as an Islamic alternative to a conventional equity short strategy under a Salam sale Shariah-compliant structure. The fund invests primarily in publicly traded US equities. SEDCO led the structuring and the arranging of the deal with various international financial institutions through its joint venture partnership with Permal.

  • SEDCO Private Equity Shariah Compliant Sponsored Funds

    VenturEast SEDCO Proactive Fund

    AIF Capital SEDCO First Private Equity Asia Islamic Fund

    STIC – SEDCO Shariah Technology Fund

    SEDCO Real-Estate Shariah Compliant Structured Funds

    Germany Commercial properties portfolio

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