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    SEDCO Capital solidified its position as established global  asset manager invested across 54 countries.
    SEDCO Capital was formally established in 2010 to extend asset management services to external clients, and is wholly owned by SEDCO Holding.  It also manages SEDCO Holding’s financial investments: private equity, public equity and international real estate.
    SEDCO Capital offers clients world-class asset management services across local and international real estate; international private equities; MENA-based liquid assets that include fixed income assets, in-house funds and money markets; and international public equities.
    In 2014, SEDCO Capital continued enhancing its in-house asset management capabilities, and moved several MENA funds to direct management. The company solidified its standing as a qualified, globally recognized asset manager, as opposed to an overseer of third party fund managers.
    The company also focused on its discretionary portfolio management services, with several clients upgrading from advisory. This allowed SEDCO Capital to create structured and customised vehicles tailored to client needs, and was  a sign of investor confidence in SEDCO Capital’s track record. Market trends in 2014 indicated a preference by institutional investors as well as high net worth individuals for tailored investment strategies backed by active portfolio monitoring. SEDCO Capital responded by increasing its discretionary activities across real estate and equities.
    In international real estate, the company catalysed activity by creating new structures to help clients access US and European markets. The international real estate portfolio was grown through defensive non-cyclical play, inflation-adjusted growth and demographic driven acquisitions.  By the end of 2014, SEDCO Capital crossed the milestone of USD 1 billion in international asset transactions over  3 years.
    SEDCO Capital’s international private equity portfolio  also demonstrated strong performance in 2014, providing attractive returns for the year. Realizations for the year  stood at a sound multiple of 2.5x.
    The Luxembourg platform, created in 2013 to manage Specialized Investment Funds (SIFs), and bring Shariah compliant products to an international audience, performed strongly in 2014. New investment instruments were added to the platform through the year to cater to investor parameters. These included funds investing in large and mid cap healthcare and consumer staples, diversified liquid assets, and sustainable investments in public equity.
    Regional real estate assets also performed strongly  to exceed market parameters. The SEDCO Capital Real Estate Income Fund I (SCRIEF I) increased its asset base.
    Regional equities too ended the year on a high, despite market turbulence. The SEDCO Capital GCC Equities fund delivered market beating growth, while the Saudi Real Estate fund delivered consistent yields of 7.5 percent.
    SEDCO Capital remained a market leader in Shariah compliant products and ethical investment. In 2014,  the company became the first Shariah compliant asset manager in the world, and the first company from Saudi Arabia, to sign the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (UNPRI). It backed up words with action,  and by end 2014 had USD 850 million invested ethically  as per UNPRI principles.
    In 2015, SEDCO Capital will continue expanding regional investments in equity and real estate. It will also take advantage of international market opportunities in  Europe and Asia to offer clients attractive investments  in discretionary as well as advisory capabilities.
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