Organizational Chart

Compensation and Nomination Committee


Responsible for compensation, oversight of human development, screening and nomination of directors of SEDCO Holding and its subsidiaries.

Chairman: Dr. Abdulraouf Mannaa
   Mr. Ahmed Banaja
   Ms. Rasha Al Darwish
   Mr. Amr Al Taher

Investment Committee


Responsible for investment policy and processes, performance of asset managers, new investments and exits, and valuation and asset allocation.


Chairman: Mr. Saleh Bin Mahfouz
     Mr. Anees Moumina 
     Mr. Ahmed S. Banaja 
     Mr. Yasser BinMahfouz


Audit and Risk Committee


Assists the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities in the areas of: financial reporting integrity; effectiveness of internal controls for financial reporting; surveillance of administration and financial practices; SEDCO Group’s compliance with group policies and procedures; legal and regulatory requirements; ensuring independence and monitoring performance of external auditors, internal audit function; and risk management.

Chairman: Mr. Savio Tung
    Mr. Shuaib Ahmed
    Mr. Emad Yaseen Kaki