SEDCO, the Saudi Economic and Development Company, is a leading Shariah-compliant organization, responsible for a diverse spectrum of operating companies, real estate, and private and public equity holdings in Saudi Arabia and around the world.


Our Vision

To be the global leader in Islamic wealth management and business creation.


Our Mission

To grow wealth by investing in viable, competitive and Shariah-compliant business activities with best in class people, processes, products, and performance.


Our Values

  • Team Commitment
  • High Performance and Result Driven
  • Leading Change
  • Externally and Internally Focused
  • Embracing Accountability
  • Socially Responsible

Team Commitment

Disciplined team player that has the ability to collaborate with others, actively share ideas and support the success of each member of the team.


High Performance and Results Driven

Dedicated to winning, demonstrating excellence, ensuring we win, though with appropriate checks and balances.


Leading Change

Being alert to change, driving innovation for one's business, being able to adapt to and leverage changes experienced in and by the organization.


Externally and Internally Focused

Give external focus as much as internal recognizing the importance of being responsibly visible in order to attract talent, partners and investors.


Embracing Accountability

Accepting personal accountability, holding each other constructively accountable, confronting where needed, being candid and transparent.


Socially Responsible

Passionate about building the society and economy we live in.


To achieve our vision, the management of SEDCO focuses on four pillars:

The horizon of SEDCO Holding is guided through principles. These principles becomes the solid base which we are using to grow into our future.



    Attraction and retention of top quality professionals.


    Strong controls and management processes, including highly developed information systems.


    Innovative and well differentiated Shariah compliant products.


    Consistent track record that exceeds the performance of the marketplace.